Brachioplasty operation is one of the options preferred to eliminate the negativities caused by various factors. Lifting procedure is performed to remove the sagging in the area between the elbow and the armpit.

It is valuable to progress step by step to eliminate sagging in the arms and to get a more successful visuality. The important point here is the planning of the brachioplasty operation. Thus, you should contact your doctor in this regard.

Treatment Period: 1-2 Hours

Anesthesia: General-Local

Hospitalization: 1 Day

Return to Social Life: A few days later

Planning of Brachioplasty

The first thing to do for benefiting from the advantages of a more qualified solution and preventing sagging in your arms is correct planning. Remember that while deciding about the solution to be found together with your doctor, you should also mention your expectations.

During brachioplasty, assessment of the arm takes in the first place of the procedure. Within this scope, it is compulsory to find out whether liposuction is required. Besides, the points to be considered during the surgery are assessed by the doctor.

How is Brachioplasty Operation Done?

Anesthesia is applied primarily for your arm to achieve the desired result and a perfect visuality. Type of anesthesia is decided according to the decision of the doctor and direction of the procedure whether transversely or longitudinally is also decided during the planning stage. If there is a transverse sagging, transverse incisions are made, while in longitudinal sagging, longitudinal incisions are made.

Remember that brachioplasty that can be conducted via different techniques can provide perfect results by the below-mentioned 2 alternatives. Thus, it will be possible for your arm to have the visuality desired!

Non-Surgical Brachioplasty Technique

It should be noted that non-surgical application to be applied for brachioplasty does not need any surgical procedures. No incision is made in non-surgical procedures. Thus, there will be no scar formation. Benefiting from non-surgical procedures in brachioplasty varies according to the situation of the arm of the patient. Only your doctor can decide whether you are appropriate for this application.

Brachioplasty Surgery with Liposuction

When sagging is too much, combination of surgical brachioplasty application and liposuction can be in question. Thus, the said application is considered for the patients having bad arm appearances. Although scars are considered as the disadvantage of this operation, it is preferred as it provides more effective results. You can learn from your doctor whether this application is appropriate for you.

Recovery Period After Brachioplasty

You should continue the procedure together with your doctor in order to eliminate the problems in your arm and to have more successful results. Within this scope, the patient can be discharged on the same day or the day after according to the type of anesthesia. It is normal to have pain and discomfort during the recovery period. You can take drugs for pain and discomfort by consulting your doctor.

Edema and swelling disappear 2-3 weeks later the operation. In this period, it will be very valuable to protect the area of surgery from environmental effects. Thus, it will be possible to have perfect results.


  • Is brachioplasty permanent?

    It could be mentioned that brachioplasty is a very successful application for a permanent impact on the recovery of the sagging on your arm. However, it would be beneficial to be careful about losing or gaining weight. Otherwise, it is likely that you may experience sagging on your arm again.

  • Can I do sports after brachioplasty?

    Yes, you can do exercise after brachioplasty however, it will be suitable to wait for 4 weeks for the completion of the recovery period.

  • How are the prices determined for brachioplasty?

    Prices are determined according to the grade of sagging on your arm and other extra situations. Thus, you should meticulously assess every detail that you wonder about the prices.

    Remember that you can consult us for the question marks regarding brachioplasty and all the other operations.


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