Ankara breast augmentation surgery is an aesthetic surgery that becomes a savior for women who think that they have small breasts. You are at the right address if you consider that your breasts are small and want to have larger breasts. Dr. Çağatay Falcıoğlu, who is specialized and experienced in breast augmentation, brings your breasts to the desired size and we also make you regain your self-confidence.

Your breasts may have a small appearance congenitally or may have shrunk after various deformations. Giving birth or losing too much weight can cause the breasts to have a smaller structure than their normal form. Here, breast augmentation surgery is considered within this scope. Breast augmentation surgery is successfully provided by Dr. Çağatay Falcıoğlu for women having small breasts and the size of the breasts are completely decided together with the doctor according to the needs and demands of the patients.

How is Breast Augmentation Surgery Done?

Breast augmentation surgery is generally performed via 2 different methods. These are as follows.

Breast Augmentation by Using Own Adipose Tissues of the Patient

As can be understood from its name, own adipose tissue of the patient is used in this method. As an example, if the patient has excess adipose tissue on the legs and this tissue is suitable to be injected in the breast, this method can be used. This operation is performed in an integrated way with liposuction surgery. In case there is no area to get excess adipose tissue in the body of the patient, this method cannot be applied.

Breast Augmentation with Prosthesis

In case the own adipose tissue of the patient cannot be used, successful results can be achieved by breast prosthesis method. In breast augmentation with prosthesis surgery, 3-4 cm incisions are made under the breast and the prosthesis is placed inside the breast. Breast prosthesis is generally placed under the pectoral muscle or under the breast tissue over the pectoral muscle. According to these procedures, breasts that are desired by the patient and that are proportional to the body of the patient are obtained. Patients can generally be discharged after 1-day observation.

Need to Know After the Breast Augmentation Operation

All the details that need to be known after the breast augmentation operation are as follows.

  • You may need to be hospitalized for 1 night after the breast augmentation surgery. Devices, called drains, can be attached to the breasts in order to remove the blood from the region.
  • Sense of strain, fullness, and pressure may occur. You can take analgesics to minimize these feelings.
  • Pain occurred after the operation start to alleviate as of the third day.
  • Dressing is opened on the 4th post-operative day. However, this period varies according to the surgeon.
  • After the dressing is opened, you can see swelling and ecchymosis on your breasts. These swellings and ecchymoses will disappear in a short period of time. Thus, do not bother about swelling and ecchymosis.
  • Medical bra should be worn after the operation. This bra provides the breasts to be recovered in a shorter period.



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