Combined breast lift and augmentation surgery is the name given to the operations combining breast lift and breast augmentation procedures. Within this scope, women who are not satisfied with their breast volume can benefit from both breast lifting and breast augmentation operations. If you want to benefit from the most attracting options about breast lift, you only need to contact with Çağatay Falcıoğlu and benefit from the most qualified solutions!

Besides breasts are important organs for women, they are also one of the points to be considered visually. It is also possible to mention that breasts affecting beauty also directly affect couple relationships in time. In this case, both breast lift and augmentation operations should be stated. You can immediately contact your doctor regarding these operations which are conducted as a combined procedure.

To Whom Combined Breast Lift and Augmentation Surgery is Applied?

Augmentation in breasts completely depends on the needs of women. As a woman, if you think that your breasts are too small in volume, you can start to benefit from the most suitable options by contacting your doctor. Your doctor will prefer the most ideal method in breast lift operations and will reveal specific solutions for you.

How is Combined Breast Lift and Augmentation Operation Done?

One of the most attractive details regarding breast augmentation is to conduct the period meticulously for providing you the most suitable solutions within the scope of combined operations. Techniques to be used vary as both augmentation and lifting procedures will be performed. Thus, it will be suitable to have your doctor decide about the technique.

Before breast lift, breast augmentation is performed according to the demands of the patient. After the breasts are augmented to the desired volume, breast lift procedure is performed. Period and difficulty of the operation vary from patient to patient. In fact, the demands of the patient also cause differentiation of the method in breast lift.

Recovery Period After Combined Breast Lift and Augmentation Surgery

After the combined breast lift and augmentation procedures are completed, the patient is discharged by performing required controls. After this step, the patient should continue the recovery period cautiously under the control of the doctor.

In the recovery period, it is quite important to avoid from impacts to the breast region. Besides,anticoagulants should not be used after the combined breast lift and augmentation surgery. In fact, if a drain is used, prevention of blood supply is impossible. A special bra should be worn after the combined breast lift and augmentation surgery. Thus, the results will be more permanent and effective.

Recovery periods may be different according to the patient and operation and the important thing here is to consider the recommendations of the doctor.



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