Eyelids are accepted as one of the most important factors affecting the visual appearance of human body. Sometimes undesirable situations occur in time in the lower eyelid, which is a valuable element of your eye area that contributes to your glance being po-faced, soft, affectionate, angry, or humpy. You need to apply for lower eyelid blepharoplasty in order to overcome the adiposity and under-eye bags under the lower eyelid. So, what are the privileges waiting for you with this application?

Due to age and genetic factors, you can have lower eye blepharoplasty in order to get rid of the unwanted situations occurred on your lower eyelids. In order to eliminate the loosening on the skin and to find an exact solution for wrinkles, you can find this valuable solution by contacting with your specialist doctor.

Treatment Period: 2-4 Hours

Anesthesia: General

Hospitalization: 1-2 Days

Return to Social Life: 7 Days

When Lower Eye Blepharoplasty is Required?

Upon the emergence of negativities on your eyelids, it is possible to apply for aesthetic operations. By listing these situations, we help you to find out the most ideal operation time. Here, the reasons that help you to understand the time that you need lower eye blepharoplasty!

  • The under-eye bags formed via the shifting of the fat pads together with the weakening of the connective tissues,
  • A curved cavity formation between the under-eye bags and the cheekbone,
  • Down-shifting of the adipose tissues on the cheeks in the individuals who are 40 years and over,
  • Prominence in the area that is also known as the marionette lines,
  • Thinning of the skin of the lower eyelid,
  • Formation of serious wrinkles around the eye,
  • Appearance of the formation, called crow’s foot, under the lower eyelid,
  • Weakening and inactivity seen in the eyelid muscles.

All these situations prove that you need an aesthetic operation for your lower eyelid. Thus, you can benefit from the most suitable solutions by contacting with your doctor.

How is Lower Eyelid Blepharoplasty Done?

In this operation that is conducted after the doctor’s examinations, it should be noted that planning is quite valuable as in all other aesthetic operations. Thus, it will be possible to get maximum benefit from all the situations that may arise as a result of the operation. Operational period is as follows.

The patients with problems in their lower eyelids are primarily prepared for the operation via anesthesia. Then, small incisions are made under the lashes. While the position of the fat pads is tried to be enhanced in the relevant area, the cavities are removed at the same time. It can also be stated that lower eyelid blepharoplasty, that can be performed in combined applications, provides to have your face look more beautiful.

The period and nature of the operation vary depending on the situation and special demands of the patient. Thus, you need to consider the recommendations of your doctor regarding the continuation of the operation.

Recovery Period After the Lower Eyelid Blepharoplasty

Recovery period takes approximately 7 days after the applications conducted on the lower eyelids. It is possible to have the desired results after the removal of the sutures and elimination of the eye sensitivity. In order to prevent swelling and cyanosis during the recovery period, you may contact your doctor. It is simpler to facilitate the recovery period by using the drugs during this period.


  • What causes the formation of under eye bags?

    The major reasons for the formation of lipomas and their negative impact on the eye structure are genetic and environmental factors. Therefore, you definitely need to turn to an aesthetic application in order to prevent them. Otherwise, it is not possible to reach a permanent solution.

  • Are the effects of lower eyelid blepharoplasty permanent?

    The most significant part of the aesthetic surgery you will refer to in order to discard the negativities on your eyelids is that it causes permanent impacts. Although you can live through these impacts permanently and for a long time, you should also consider environmental factors. For example, factors such as alcohol use and salt consumption may cause the re-development of lipoidosis on the eyelids.

    The only thing you need to do in order to overcome the negative image on your eyelids should be to contact your doctor as your doctor with his/her expertise in aesthetics will bring out the ideal solutions for you. Thus, this will enable you to reach the image you wish for.


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