Treatment Period: 2-3 Hours

Anesthesia: General

Hospitalization: 1 Day

Return to Social Life: 1 Week

Due to the volume loss and aging in the mid-face area, it is possible to have the soft tissues in the mid-face area sag via gravity and the lower eyelid affects the appearance of the central region of the face. Mid-face includes the nose, eye, and the center of the face. When a line is drawn from the external edges of the eye to below, the specified area is expressed as the midface. Anatomy of the mid-face area varies among people. One of the most important differences is the cheek bone. Thus, it is quite important to perform the operations meticulously by a professional doctor.

Facial lift operation is an aesthetic operation that makes difference more than all the other aesthetic operations. The reason is that it directly changes the face of the person. Facial skin may sag and become deformed due to age, stress, and psychological situations. People being disturbed by these deformations apply for aesthetic procedures. In facial lift operations, different techniques are used according to the level of deformation on the face of the individual. Dr. Çağatay Falcıoğlu decides the most suitable method for every patient and can provide the results desired by the patients. The aim in facial lift operations is to eliminate the wrinkles and cavities around the eye, to correct the sagged facial tissue, and to lift adiposity and sagging on the neck.

How is Mid-Face Lift Operation Done?

Mid-face lift surgeries are conducted via different techniques. These are classical mid-face lift technique and endoscopic technique.

In classical mid-face lift technique, incision is made under the eyelid to reach to the mid-face area. Thus, the sagged adipose layer on the mid-face can be carried to the as-is position.

4 mm surgical cameras are used in face lift procedures conducted via endoscopic method. In endoscopic technique, incisions are made in the scalp and skin tissue is lifted by stretching upright via these incisions. This technique is suitable for people having minor facial deformations.

Points to Consider Before Mid-Face Lift Operation

You should notify your doctor about the drugs used and your chronic diseases before the midface lift operation. In case your doctor deems appropriate, you need to stop taking such medicine. You should stop smoking and using alcohol before this operation.

Before the operation, you have a meeting with Dr. Çağatay Falcıoğlu and the method to be used for face lift operation is decided together.

Recovery Period After Mid-Face Lift Operation

According to the situation and facial deformation of the patient, Dr. Çağatay Falcıoğlu may decide to hospitalize the patient for one night under observation. Sutures are taken at our clinic 1 week after the operation. There will be swelling and ecchymosis on your face on the first post-operative day. In the first week, your swelling and ecchymosis will be maximum, and they will slowly disappear after 1 week. You can take a bath after the first week. After a few weeks, swelling and ecchymosis will completely disappear. You can start to make-up and do exercise.

Points to Consider After Mid-Face Lift Operation

  • You may have pain after the mid-face lift operation. You can take the drugs recommended by your doctor.
  • Swelling and edema may occur on your face after the mid-face lift operation. Regarding edema and swelling, you need to consume the drugs and food recommended by your doctor.
  • You should protect your face against possible impacts and external effects after the operation.
  • You should not take a shower for the first week. You can take a shower as of the second week.



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