Treatment Period: 1 Hour

Anesthesia: General

Hospitalization: 1 Night

Return to Social Life: 1 Week

The operation called temporal lift is an operation in which outward and upward lifting process is done transversely. During the aging process, external side of the brow may show a significant ptosis than the internal side. The reason is that external side of the brows has much more smaller muscles than the internal side. At this point, sagging may occur in temples.

Temporal lift provides you a relaxed, attractive appearance. Upper side of the face is lifted during the process. This significantly reduces the number and depth of the wrinkles and gives attractive features. This technique has become popular in beauty industry and has helped numerous people for struggling with aging symptoms. Average time of operation is only 1 hour.

How is Temporal Lift Done?

Temporal lift operation is conducted via various techniques having different properties. These techniques can be stated as follows.

Bicoronal Lift

Bicoronal lift is a traditional technique in which an incision is made from one ear to the other throughout the hair line. Surgeon explicitly sees the tissues and muscles, applies the lifting process, corrects the position, and removes the excess fat. The operation provides the lifting of temples and even correction of the wrinkles. This method is not recommended for people tending to alopecia. The reason is that the suture marks will be obviously seen without hair.

Endoscopic Lift

Endoscopic lift is a gentle technique including three or four incisions made by the surgeon in the hairy area. Special equipment is used in endoscopic lift operation. The surgical sutures are used to fix the muscles and tissues.

Temporary Lift

Temporary lift method is used for the excessive sagging of temporal edges. Manipulations are made by the incisions at the temples.

Transpalpebral Lifting

Transpalpebral lifting is an effective method to remove the wrinkles on the forehead and nasal bridge. An incision is made on the fold of the upper eyelid. After a period of rehabilitation, the surgical scar almost completely disappears.

In general, following steps are considered in temporal lift operation:

  • Surgeon inspects the skin and the depth of the wrinkles and offers tests to exclude possible contraindications.
  • The process is conducted under general anesthesia. Forehead skin is tightened via micro-incisions. Deep longitudinal wrinkles and the vertical folds in the nasal bridge area are removed. Ptosis of the eyebrows are corrected.
  • Regular sutures are put on the sutures that absorb within two weeks.
  • This is a gentle method that does not include deep incisions. Thus, recovery is rapid. It is suitable for a high forehead and people tending to alopecia.

Points to Consider After Temporal Lift Operation

There are some factors that should be considered after temporal lift operation. The said points to be considered are as follows:

  • After the temporal lift operation, bandage is applied by leaving them mouth, nose, and eyes open. These bandages are removed 2 days later.
  • Feeling of sleeping and tightness occur after the operation. This will disappear within two weeks.
  • You can return to your normal life 1 week after the operation.
  • Results of the operation will vary from patient to patient. Thus, some results can be preserved for 5 years and some for 10 years.
  • After the operation, you should protect yourself against excessive tiredness, sun, and impacts.



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