Treatment Period: 3-4 Hours

Anesthesia: General

Hospitalization: 1 Night

Return to Social Life: 1 week

Thigh lift operation is one of the aesthetic surgery operations preferred by people who have sagging in their legs due to various reasons. Problems such as weight loss and aging cause deformations and sagging on the skin. In this case, thigh lift operation is performed to have the skin return to its previous form.

You can have a perfect appearance via thigh lift operation which is preferred by people who do not find themselves attractive and are not satisfied with their sagged skin.

How is Thigh Lift Done?

One of the most wondered issues among people complaining about the sagging in their legs, is the way of conducting the thigh lift operation. In this operation, the surgeon removes the excess skin and if any, fat from the skin. It is required to get professional support in order to reposition and shape the leg tissue.

In some situations, thigh lift operation can be done as integrated with liposuction. People both having excessive adipose tissue and sagging in their legs can get maximum benefit from the advantages provided by this operation. Besides, it is recommended to perform lifting procedure in every operation including liposuction.

Points to Consider Before Thigh Lift Operation

In summary, the points to be considered before the thigh lift operation are as follows.

  • Before the operation, you need to decide the appearance of your legs. Especially, if there is excess adipose tissue on your legs, you should primarily decide the amount of adipose tissues to be removed and also the level of thinning on your legs.
  • You should stop using anticoagulants, smoking, and drinking alcohol one week before the operation.
  • Stop eating and drinking 12 hours before the operation.

Points to Consider After Thigh Lift Operation

There are some factors that should be considered after the operation. As you pay attention to these factors, your recovery period will be maintained in a perfect way. In general, the points to be considered after the thigh lift operation are as follows.

  • You need to rest for the first 3 weeks after the operation. Avoid the movements compelling your legs.
  • For the first 2 days after the operation, there is a bandage on the sutures. Dressing should be done every day by slightly lifting up the bandage.
  • There is no need to remove the sutures under the skin. Sutures are self-absorbable. Effacement occurs on the suture scars after approximately 1 month.
  • Sutures should be protected from sunlight after the operation.
  • Hygiene of the legs should be maintained besides protecting the legs from impacts in the recovery period.
  • Avoid taking shower for 2 days after the operation.
  • A corset should be worn after the operation for a period recommended by your doctor.

Appearance After Thigh Lift Operation

After the thigh lift operation, your legs will have an extremely aesthetic appearance. Horizontal incision scars occurred at the inguinal region generally remain inside the underwear and do not cause a bad appearance. Vertical incision scars are not visible from the back and front of the body. However, it can be said that such marks will turn into the skin color in time. It should be stated that the most important factor in this operation is the success of the doctor.



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