Upper face lift is preferred to remove sagging found on the brows and forehead. Within this scope, people having sagging and wrinkles in the upper facial area can prefer upper face lift operation.

It will be possible to achieve the desired results when performed by a specialist doctor. You can get rid of the unwanted situations on your forehead and eyebrow area by applying to an upper face lift operation under the expertise of Çağatay Falcıoğlu.

Why is Upper Face Lift Needed?

There are various question marks regarding upper face lift. One of them is the reasons related to face lift. Below, we provide you the opportunity to have a more successful process by evaluating your needs for face lift. Here, there are special details regarding face lift!

Sagging - wrinkles on the forehead and eyebrow area is one of the most important details in upper face lift. Thus, you should act according to the recommendations of your doctor by considering the factors related to upper face lift. After upper face lift operation, it is possible to achieve a younger and perfect face. So, if you want to be more beautiful, you should benefit from a solution that meets your expectations.

You can act regarding upper face lift, one of the facial rejuvenation operations, with the quality of Çağatay Falcıoğlu.

Who are not suitable for upper face lift operation?

You may expect to get perfect results with the upper face lift operation. The most important issue here is whether this operation is suitable for you. It will be suitable to assess your suitability for the operation by examining the below-mentioned factors.

  • People having extraordinary expectations from face lift,
  • People with characteristics or situations preventing surgery,
  • People who should use anticoagulants continuously,
  • Smokers,

If you take place in one of these groups, you should absolutely act according to the decision of your doctor. Thus, both the success of the operation and your health status will be assessed.

Process Before Upper Face Lift

The most conspicuous process regarding face lift is the planning stage. It is obvious that a mistake made in the planning stage will affect the whole process. After the patient is examined and assessed, the method to be used is decided. Patients should avoid smoking and using alcohol before upper face lift operation. On the other hand, they should also avoid taking anticoagulants and consider the suggestions of the doctor.

You should pay attention to all the recommendations of your doctor in order to focus on a more qualified solution in the period before the upper face lift operation. Thus, it will be possible to avoid all kinds of situations that may put you at risk in the operation stage.

Methods Used in Upper Face Lift

It is possible to encounter various processes related to face lift applications. However, the choice of the doctor and the status of the patient are also important regarding the method to be used. It should also be mentioned that the method that is preferred without considering the status of the patient will not provide long-term successful solutions. Now, what is the process after upper face lift?

Recovery Period After the Operation

As the operational period in upper face lift applications vary among the patients, they should be mentioned. Within this scope, the doctor performs the controls and thus, the patient achieves more successful results.

Analgesics are used to relieve pain and the sense of discomfort. Besides, walking in an upright position and not looking down should also be considered to have the operation successful. You should avoid smoking and using alcohol for at least 1 week after the operation. Patients having problem in their teeth and had a face lift operation done should postpone their dental examination for at least 6 weeks. Besides, they should take necessary precautions for avoiding sun exposure.


  • Is upper-face lift operation permanent?

    Although permanence is in question about face lift operations, you should avoid the applications that may require the repetition of the face lift operations. Thus, it is possible to have a younger and beautiful appearance for a long time after the operation.

  • Is it possible to have pain after the face lift operation?

    It is possible to have pain and discomfort after the upper face lift operation. Thus, you should take analgesics under the control of your doctor.


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