Female breast size is determined by a variety of factors, including genetics, body weight, and hormonal influences. The breasts can also be affected after birth, resulting in an undesirable change in breast shape and size.

memekucultmeameliyatiankaraA breast reduction or 'mammoplasty' is a surgical procedure designed to reduce the volume of the breast to make it smaller and – in some cases – smoother. Breast reduction surgery focuses on removing excess tissue as well as fat and skin from the breast to relieve the weight and protrusion of the breast. Your nipples will be reshaped or lifted along with the breast, creating an upright and ultimately more aesthetic breast shape.

To satisfy your sense of body aesthetics, breasts that are too large can be reduced in size to create a harmonious, well-proportioned relationship with the rest of the body. However, there are often medical reasons for breast reduction. For example, very large breasts can spoil the overall harmonious appearance of the body. In addition, the increased weight of the breasts shifts the body's center of gravity from the middle to the front. The result is a negative impact on the structural stability of the body, leading to pain and premature wear and tear of the spine. The most common complaints resulting from this are neck and shoulder pains, tension-type headaches and backaches. Breast reduction surgery can help significantly improve your quality of life.

Ankara breast reduction surgery prices vary depending on the quality of the material to be used, the experience of the doctor, the hospital where the procedure will be performed, and the condition of the patient. In order to give clear information about Ankara breast reduction price 2023 amounts, the patient must be examined.

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