Although the results we can achieve in Ankara face lift surgery vary from person to person, they are generally the results we expect. Facelift surgery is a surgical procedure performed to correct signs of aging in the face and neck area. During the surgery, the subcutaneous smas(superficial musculoaponeurotic system) tissue is tightened and  excess fat and skin are removed, resulting in a younger, fresher appearance. Here are the potential results of facelift surgery:

1-Tighter and tighter skin: Face lift surgery helps reduce sagging skin and wrinkles and achieve a younger appearance.

2-Reduction of wrinkles: Face lift surgery can reduce wrinkles, especially in the cheek area. The appearance of wrinkles on the forehead, eyebrows, and around the mouth may also improve.

3-Redefining facial lines: Facial lines can become more distinct with surgery. The jaw line tightens, the cheeks lift and the sagging in the neck area decreases.

4-Rejuvenated appearance: The main purpose of facelift surgery is to obtain a younger and more rested appearance. Therefore, you usually get a more youthful facial expression after surgery.

Longer-lasting results: Facelift surgery does not permanently correct signs of aging, but its results can be long-lasting. The aging process continues after surgery, but generally a more youthful appearance can be maintained for longer.

Facelift surgery results may vary depending on the person's skin type, age, genetic factors and aging process. Additionally, the postoperative recovery process may also affect the results. Therefore, it is important to communicate carefully with your doctor and clarify your expectations before and after surgery.

Can a scarless face lift be performed?

Traditional facelift surgery is a surgical procedure that usually requires incisions, and scars may remain as a result of these incisions. However, today, with the advancement of technology, scarless or minimally scar face lift procedures have been developed. Some of these are;

1-Endoscopic Face Lift: In this method, surgery is performed using a small camera called an endoscope and thin surgical instruments. Endoscopic facelift surgery allows for the use of smaller incisions and therefore scars may be less noticeable. Sometimes, if there is excess skin, an incision may be made.

2-Mini Facelift: Mini facelift is a more limited procedure and generally targets only the lower face area. In this method, smaller incisions are used and the scars are usually hidden in the scalp or placed within natural wrinkles.

3-Thread Face Lift: Thread face lift is a technique performed using thin threads or hangers. These threads or straps pull the skin upwards and tighten it by stretching it. During the procedure, smaller incisions are made and the scars are usually hidden within the scalp. The duration of effect is generally shorter.

These scarless or minimally scarring methods can be less invasive and provide a faster recovery time compared to traditional facelift surgery. However, each method may have advantages and disadvantages, and it is important to have a detailed evaluation with a plastic surgeon to determine which method is best for you.

The success and results of the surgery may depend on the technique used, the surgeon's experience, personal factors, and the person's age, skin type, and general health. Your doctor will work with you to determine the option that is best for you and meets your expectations.

Does facelift surgery destroy expression?

Face lift surgery does not destroy facial expression if no serious complications occur. In fact, the main purpose of the surgery is to eliminate the signs of aging on the face and obtain a younger, fresher appearance. However, there may be some temporary effects after surgery.

Due to the skin tightening and tightening process performed during the surgery, some people may have a slight feeling of stiffness or tension in their facial expressions after the surgery. This is a temporary condition and will improve over time. As the facial muscles and skin heal after surgery, natural expression and mobility return.

On the other hand, facial expression after surgery often looks more youthful and rested. With the reduction of wrinkles, removal of sagging skin and redefinition of facial lines, the face generally gains a more vibrant and fresh appearance. However, the facial expression does not disappear completely; The person's original facial expression and facial expressions are preserved.

It is important to follow the recovery process carefully after surgery. Your doctor will tell you what you need to do in the post-operative period. When you follow these instructions, you can help facial expression recover naturally and maintain flexibility.

No permanent loss or deterioration in facial expression is expected after Ankara face lift surgery. However, postoperative results may vary from person to person and may vary depending on the person's unique anatomical characteristics, skin type, and how the surgery was performed. Therefore, it is important to communicate with your doctor before and after surgery, to clarify your expectations and to be realistically informed about the results of the surgery.

How much younger does facelift surgery make a person?

Actually, there is no clear answer to this question. Because the results may vary from person to person and depend on many factors. Facelift surgery is a surgical procedure performed to correct a person's signs of aging and achieve a younger, fresher appearance.

However, how much rejuvenation the surgery will provide varies depending on the person's age, skin type, genetic factors and pre-operative condition. Postoperative results may be different for each individual. In addition, the aging process continues after surgery and new signs of aging may appear over time.

It is important that you undergo a detailed evaluation with a plastic surgeon before facelift surgery and find out how rejuvenating effects the surgery can provide for you. This way, you can have a better idea of how the surgery will affect you and what to expect.

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