Ankara breast augmentation surgeries are an aesthetic procedure preferred by many women. In this process, silicone implants are generally used.

ankaramemebuyutmeameliyatiThe safety of implants used in breast augmentation surgeries has been a controversial issue for years. Many studies have shown that micro-rough silicone implants (in use today) do not increase the risk of breast cancer. However, silicone implants can have various side effects. These may include bleeding, displacement of the implant, infection, pain, swelling and hardening (capsular contracture).

The safety of the implants used in breast augmentation surgeries depends on the quality of the implant, the place where the surgery is performed, the patient's health status and the care of the implant. Implants are strictly inspected and approved by organizations such as the FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration). However, controlling the quality of the implants and ensuring their safety is possible with the right choices and controls made by the patient's doctor and surgeon.

As a result, the safety of implants used in breast augmentation surgery depends on many factors. However, it is thought that thanks to the safety measures of modern implants, postoperative complications can be reduced and applied safely. Women who are considering breast augmentation surgery should care about the experience of the surgeon and post-operative care. It is also important for patients to have open communication with their doctor before and after surgery and to share any concerns.

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