Possible Problems After Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction surgery is a surgical procedure to change the size and shape of the breast. The main goal of the surgery is to help the patient achieve an aesthetic appearance by reducing the breast size. However, like any surgical procedure, breast reduction surgery can come with some risks and side effects. In this article, you can learn about possible problems that may occur after breast reduction surgery.

Possibility of Re-growth and Sagging After Breast Reduction Surgery

After breast reduction surgery, the breast tissue is not really removed, only reshaped. Therefore, some women may experience problems such as regrowth and sagging of breast tissue after surgery. However, in order to reduce this risk, it is important to follow the recommended prohibitions and provide appropriate care after surgery. Also, the use of a bra is recommended after breast reduction surgery.

Breast Reduction Surgery and Breast Cancer Risk

Breast reduction surgery is not recommended for people at risk of breast cancer. However, breast reduction surgery is not a risky procedure for breast cancer.

Traces That May Occur After Breast Reduction Surgery

Scars may occur after breast reduction surgery. However, these scars usually begin to fade and diminish over time. The appearance of scars can be reduced with appropriate wound care and post-operative treatments.

Pain After Breast Reduction Surgery

Pain is normal after breast reduction surgery. However, pain can be controlled with painkillers and other treatments recommended after surgery. Patients are advised to rest and bed rest for a certain period of time to relieve pain.

Breastfeeding After Breast Reduction Surgery

Breastfeeding may be possible after breast reduction surgery. However, breast reduction surgery may have an impact on breastfeeding function. It is recommended that you talk to your doctor about this before and after the surgery.

Loss of Nipple Sensation After Breast Reduction Surgery

After breast reduction surgery, some women may experience a loss of sensation in the nipple. This can happen due to cutting of breast tissue or damage to nerves during the surgical procedure. However, this loss of sensation is usually temporary and will improve over time.

Recovery Process After Breast Reduction Surgery

After breast reduction surgery, the healing process may vary from patient to patient. Usually, patients may have mild pain lasting for a few days and swelling for several weeks. Rest and wound care treatments recommended after surgery can help speed up the healing process.

Possible Complications After Breast Reduction Surgery

Although rare, complications may occur after breast reduction surgery. These complications include infection, bleeding, anesthesia-related problems, and tissue necrosis. However, it is important that your doctor who will perform the surgical procedure is an experienced and specialized surgeon in order to prevent these complications.

As a result, breast reduction surgery can be an aesthetically and psychologically important procedure for many women. However, it should be noted that this surgery has some risks and side effects. That's why it's important to talk to your doctor before having breast reduction surgery to discuss the benefits and risks of the surgery. Also, following the recommended restraints and providing appropriate care after surgery can help prevent potential complications.

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