Aging accelerates due to stress, wrong feeding habits, adverse negative living conditions. Wearing, a part of this process, shows itself by sagging, wrinkles, blemishes, and drying. First symptoms seen in the aging of facial skin include the loss of elasticity of the skin. Thankfully, we have alternatives other than sighing against the mirror during preparation and trying to hide the loss of elasticity. Thanks to the developing technology, innovations also developed in beauty sector and provide prioritized methods for having a healthy, young, and a vivid skin. Mesotherapy is mostly preferred as being one of these methods.

Mesotherapy method can be defined as the injection of certain medicine by using microneedles into the dermis in the problematic area and it provides perfect results in the jowl area which shows up the skin deformation at most. Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Specialist Op.Dr.Çağatay Falcıoğlu’s jowl lifting procedure via mesotherapy and the details of this procedure are waiting for you hereunder this article.

Young and Vivid Appearance in Minutes

Jowl mesotherapy application is a painless procedure that takes 10 minutes. When assessed in this regard, we can say that it is a quite effective and easy application to have your face gain form and to get rid of your imperfection. Loss of elasticity, which is a part of the aging process, is seen on the face and on the neck and décolleté region. Instead, this loss of elasticity is mostly seen in the jowl area in most people. Lipoidosis and sagging in the jowl area, which is also caused by frequent weight gain and loss, can be seen in every age group and may affect the life of the individual negatively. If you have loss of elasticity or disturbing lipoidosis problems on your jowl area, you can prefer this method that is applied under the expertise of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Specialist Op.Dr.Çağatay Falcıoğlu.

Mesotherapy is summarized by Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Specialist Op.Dr.Çağatay Falcıoğlu as “Mesotherapy is applied on the jowl in order to remove localized fats. The area determined by this method is cleaned of from fat and as a result, skin resurfacing accelerates, and skin gains its dynamic structure again.” and he also stated that mesotherapy is the most effective method for the jowl area. This procedure helps you to get rid of your jowl that does not seem aesthetical and makes you seem older, does not require you to wait for long hours and also, it does not leave any scars on your skin and you can have your face look younger with a more aesthetic appearance.

Have Your Face Gain Form

Before jowl mesotherapy that have your face gain form, anesthetic cream is applied to the relevant area. Then, the specialist marks the relevant lipoidosis areas in the jowl by using a pen. This area is cleaned by an antiseptic solution and then mesotherapy solution is injected to the jowl area by using very thin-ended needles. That’s all! We can say that the session intervals of this application vary according to the level of lipoidosis and the opinions of the specialist. However, this application, whether you can choose in any season either in winter or summer, is generally applied in 3-6 sessions as once every 10 days.

Forget The Past, Look Today with Mesotherapy

When we investigate the comments and evaluations of the patients who had jowl mesotherapy, it can be stated that this procedure is a quite effective procedure. When the before and after images of this application, which is preferred by the users from all age groups, are observed, it can be mentioned that it renews your expression, make you look younger, and have you gain an aesthetic form with a short procedure. As can be seen, due to its short period and being a painless procedure, it is frequently preferred by users from all age groups. This process makes you get rid of sagging caused by aging, your overweight, and the regional lipoidosis on the jowl and the active material and drugs are injected to the area of treatment. We can state that the prices of jowl mesotherapy, which is treatment method used around the world for approximately 10 years, are suitable for every individual. You don’t have any side effects or deformations after the jowl mesotherapy procedure which is a painless intervention applied in a short period of time. It is sufficient to pay attention to your feeding habits after the procedure. Prefer jowl mesotherapy method applied by Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Specialist Op.Dr.Çağatay Falcıoğlu and let your beauty be permanent.

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