Nose aesthetic surgery is not a surgery that is performed the same for everyone. It includes unique differences for each patient, from the planning stage to the healing processes.

In rhinoplasty, it is necessary to make different plans according to the shape of the nose, the degree of the respiratory problem and the pathology that caused it, the thickness of the skin, whether there was previous surgery and gender.

There are aesthetically changing elements between male noses and female noses. The basic criterion for these aesthetic elements is mostly the angle between the nose and the lip. While the angle between the nose and lips in men is 90 degrees, the angle between the nose and lips in women is wider than 90 degrees. Therefore, women's noses should be higher than men's noses.

In general, the male nose has a higher bridge and a wider mid-nose width. Males also have thicker skin on the nose. Recovery time after surgery may be slightly longer than for women.

The female nose is generally more specific and sensitive than the male nose. Many women prefer the "supratip break point", which is a fine indentation across the bridge just above the tip of the nose. This feature is generally not preferred in men as it makes the tip more feminine. A woman's nose may also be slightly shorter than a man's. This feature is generally not preferred in men as it makes the tip more feminine. Another difference is size. A woman's nose may be shorter than a man's. Finally, there may be many differences depending on ethnicity, the width of the nose, the position of the back arch, the angle of the visible part under the nose wings.

The second major difference between male and female rhinoplasty is; It is the difference in the "ideal nose" expectation of men and women.

Most men want a more prominent, powerful nose with distinctive features. The tip of the nose is expected to be lower in men.

On the other hand, women generally prefer an upward-facing nose tip. However, today's ideal female nose is straighter and longer than in the past, so many women prefer a more natural look.

It will be important to clearly discuss and agree with the surgeon your expectations and results before the rhinoplasty operation.

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