• What causes the formation of under eye bags?

    The major reasons for the formation of lipomas and their negative impact on the eye structure are genetic and environmental factors. Therefore, you definitely need to turn to an aesthetic application in order to prevent them. Otherwise, it is not possible to reach a permanent solution.

  • Are the effects of lower eyelid blepharoplasty permanent?

    The most significant part of the aesthetic surgery you will refer to in order to discard the negativities on your eyelids is that it causes permanent impacts. Although you can live through these impacts permanently and for a long time, you should also consider environmental factors. For example, factors such as alcohol use and salt consumption may cause the re-development of lipoidosis on the eyelids.

    The only thing you need to do in order to overcome the negative image on your eyelids should be to contact your doctor as your doctor with his/her expertise in aesthetics will bring out the ideal solutions for you. Thus, this will enable you to reach the image you wish for.

  • Is it possible to feel pain after lower face lift operation?

    It is common that there is a feeling of pain and ache following face lift applications. However, in the event that these pains are unbearable, you should use medication under the control of your doctor.

  • When can you take a bath after lower face lift surgery?

    You would have to wait for about 48 hours following lower face lift surgeries. However, we still recommend that you consult your doctor for this situation.

  • When does the dressings removed after lower face lift?

    After successful surgeries, approximately one week’s time is necessary for the patient to take off the dressing and to gradually adapt to his/her usual life. Following the removal of the dressing under the control of the doctor, sutures are also controlled.

  • Can anyone apply for lower face lift?

    Firstly, a doctor’s control is necessary regarding face lift. Following this, the decision would be taken whether the application is possible or not. Continuing with the whole process under the doctor’s control will enable you to have a more successful result.

  • Will there be any scars on my body after the thigh lift operation?

    The surgical scars after this operation gradually become the same color as your complexion. Therefore, they are minimally visible and will not disturb you.

  • Does edema occur after thigh lift operation?

    Yes. Following the surgery, edemas will form on your legs. You can discard this by using creams and medication your doctor will recommend.

  • Will I feel pain during the thigh lift operation?

    The surgery is conducted under general anesthesia. Therefore, there is no pain after the surgery.

  • Will there any pain after the thigh lift operation?

    You may experience pain on your legs after the surgery. You can minimize this pain with the analgesics your doctor will recommend.

  • Is botox a snake venom?

    Not, definitely not.

  • Do the effects of Botox start immediately after the application?

    No. The impact of botox starts as of 3 days after the application. The impact continues increasingly in 7-10 days.

  • Does Botox make blind?

    No. Botox has no such side effect.

  • Which type of anesthesia is preferred in neck lift?

    General anesthesia is preferred at the applications for your neck to have a higher quality image. However, it is also possible for local anesthesia to be conducted depending on your doctor’s decision.

  • How long does it take to return to normal life after neck lift?

    A period of 7-10 days is necessary for the patient to be back in his/her daily routines. In the event that there are no problems during this period, you could go back to your normal life with your doctor’s recommendations.

  • Is there any scar formation after neck lift?

    There may be scars following the neck lift procedure. However, as the scar is behind the hairy skin and the ear, it will not stimulate any negative image. It is possible that there may be small scars at the front ear, it should be noted that these will become indistinct in the course of time.

    You certainly need to have a meeting with your expert doctor in order to get rid of the negativities on your neck towards a higher quality solution. You will remove the question marks in your mind while, at the same time, you will be enjoying getting the visual quality in your dreams. You can contact us immediately to receive information regarding neck lift.

  • How does the fillers act?

    The filling material conducts volume addition according to the depth and location of the application. It also moistens the area. Some filling materials increase the synthesis of collagen and protein structures in the location in order to support the skin.

  • How is the type of filler chosen?

    The filler is selected according to the complaints of the patient.

  • How permanent is the filler?

    It is permanent for a period of 6 to 12 months.

  • What are the techniques for almond eye aesthetics?

    Eyebrow lift and almond eye aesthetics can be conducted endoscopically with 1.5 cm incisions made from the hairy skin.

  • How long do the effects of thread lift last?

    The effects of thread lift to be applied on the face change from patient to patient. However, an impact between 6 months to 2 years could be generally mentioned. You should take your doctor’s recommendations into consideration for the process to be as long as possible.

  • Is there any feeling of pain during the application of thread lift?

    There is no question of any pain during the process as the aim of this application, which is conducted under anesthetics, is to provide that you reach ideal solutions without any pain.

  • Are there any negative aspects of the thread lift technique?

    It is not possible for thread lift applications, which are conducted by the expertise of Çağatay Falcıoğlu, that any side effects come about. The whole process is realized diligently and is finalized focusing on success. Within this scope, it is possible that this technique provides very special solutions.

  • To whom thread lift procedure cannot be applied?

    There are many people, who would like to benefit from thread lift technique, however, there are also people, for whom this application cannot be actualized. It should be mentioned that for people with cancer, people experiencing blood coagulation, and skin infections this technique is rather special. Therefore, you should share with your doctor if you have any diseases.

  • How long does liposuction take? Will there be any traces? How is the recovery period after the surgery?

    The operation is completed in 1-2 hours.

    If we have conducted liposuction, there can be scars of about 3 mm in 2-3 places. However, if the cut has been conducted at the nipple, the integrity of the nipple may give out and the scar may be visible even if slightly.

    As most of the gynecomastia surgeries are conducted only with liposuction, recovery is fast. A corset must be definitely used following the surgery. Using a corset will prevent the diffusion of the adipose tissues and helps the recovery period to be shorter. After the operation there will be swelling and ecchymosis on the region. These swellings and ecchymoses will disappear in a short period of time.

  • How is the recovery period after eyebrow lift?

    The recovery period is different according to the lifting applications you will refer to for your eyebrows to be more upright and perfect.

  • To what extent should eyebrow lift be applied?

    It changes from person to person how much eyebrow lift will be conducted. Therefore, you could take your decisions with Dr. Çağatay Falcıoğlu and achieve perfect solutions.

  • Is eyebrow lift application permanent?

    Aesthetic applications are solutions that are not permanent. Therefore, you may need to have a further surgery in different periods according to your individual properties and the application.

  • Is brachioplasty permanent?

    It could be mentioned that brachioplasty is a very successful application for a permanent impact on the recovery of the sagging on your arm. However, it would be beneficial to be careful about losing or gaining weight. Otherwise, it is likely that you may experience sagging on your arm again.

  • Can I do sports after brachioplasty?

    Yes, you can do exercise after brachioplasty however, it will be suitable to wait for 4 weeks for the completion of the recovery period.

  • How are the prices determined for brachioplasty?

    Prices are determined according to the grade of sagging on your arm and other extra situations. Thus, you should meticulously assess every detail that you wonder about the prices.

    Remember that you can consult us for the question marks regarding brachioplasty and all the other operations.

  • How long does liposuction take?

    The operation is completed in 1-2 hours.

  • Is anesthesia applied in liposuction?

    In general, local anesthesia is applied. However, in some situations, general anesthesia can be preferred.

  • When can I take a shower after liposuction?

    You can take a shower 3-4 days after the liposuction procedure.

  • Is it necessary to have the sutures removed after liposuction?

    Aesthetic sutures are used, thus there is no need to have the sutures removed after the operation.

  • How is the recovery period after liposuction?

    Period varies according to the patient and the technique. Classical liposuction is the method with the hardest recovery period. Recovery periods of other methods are shorter and easier. A corset must be definitely used following the operation. Using a corset prevents the diffusion of the adipose tissues and shortens the recovery period. After the operation there will be swelling and ecchymosis on the region. These swellings and ecchymoses will disappear in a short period of time.

  • Will there any traces on the breasts after the breast augmentation operation?

    Small traces will be left at the incision sites after the operation. However, they will take the color of the skin in time and disappear or can be seen too little. Traces are not disturbingly visible.

  • What if I do not like the size of my breasts?

    The size of your breasts is decided by discussing with your doctor. However, although you do not like your breasts, whether they are larger or smaller than expected, a revision operation can be made.

  • Will there be pain in the breasts after the breast augmentation operation?

    Pain may occur in the breasts after the operation. However, analgesics can be used for such pain.

  • When can I take a shower after breast augmentation operation?

    You should not take a shower for 4-5 days after breast augmentation operation. You can take a shower after the final control of your doctor.

  • Do I need to have the sutures removed after the breast augmentation operation?

    You do not need to have your sutures removed after the operation. The reason is that Dr. Çağatay Falcıoğlu uses special aesthetic sutures. These sutures absorb and disappear in time.

  • Are the results of breast lift and breast augmentation permanent?

    It is out of the question that your breasts will shrink again as a result of breast augmentation procedure. However, depending on the breast lift operation, lifting may lose its effect after a specific period of time by considering the technique used. Thus, it is valuable to learn all the details from your doctor before the operation.

  • How much do the breasts enlarge in the combined breast lift and breast augmentation operation?

    The augmentation size of your breasts after the breast augmentation procedure is decided according to your demands and the assessments of your doctor. Within this scope, it is not possible to generalize the size of the breasts after such an operation. Remember that your physical properties and personal needs are quite valuable.

  • When can I return to normal life after the combined breast lift and augmentation procedure?

    Although you need to avoid heavy works for the first 4-6 weeks after the surgery, it is possible to completely return to your normal life in about 2 months. You can do your daily works at the first stage and the most important thing to be considered is to protect your breasts from impacts and other effects.

  • Will there be any scars after the combined breast lift and augmentation operation?

    It is quite normal to have scars after the combined breast lift and augmentation operation. However, they will remain under the breasts in order not to dissatisfy you visually. On the other hand, it is possible to have such scars become indistinct and disappear in time.

  • Who can benefit from breast reduction operation?

    The age limitation in this operation is 18 years old. Besides, anyone who has no health problems and who are dissatisfied with the size of their breasts can have this operation.

  • Are mid-face lift operations permanent?

    Yes, the said operation is permanent.

  • Will there be any scars on my face after the mid-face operation?

    As the incision is made from the ends of the eyelashes, in other words, after the classical face lift operation, an indistinct scar remains. Sometimes, it is also stated that there are no scars.

    In case the mid-face lift procedure is conducted via endoscopic technique, there are no scars that can be seen outside as the incision line will remain inside the hairy skin.

  • Will I have pain during the mid-face lift operation?

    No pain is felt during the operation, however, pain may occur after the process. You can minimize this pain by taking analgesics.

  • Is it required to repeat the mid-face lift operation?

    You may need to repeat the mid-face lift operation after approximately 10 years.

    You may need to use a neck collar for a while. Your doctor will guide you in this regard.

  • Is rhinoplasty performed only for appearance?

    Having a perfect looking nose is not the only concern of the individuals who want to have rhinoplasty. Surgery is performed for both aesthetic purposes and for correcting the nasal functions.

  • Can I come from abroad for rhinoplasty?

    Numerous people come Turkey for the rhinoplasty operation. A surgery program can be developed with your blood tests and photographs.

  • Is there an age limitation for rhinoplasty?

    People should turn their 17-18 years for rhinoplasty. The reason is that having rhinoplasty at earlier ages may cause various problems in development. Thus, bone development should be completed.

  • Is it required to repeat the temporal lift operation?

    If you follow the recommendations after the operation, the results of eyebrow lift will satisfy you for 5-7 years. Afterwards, you can have the operation repeated if you want.

  • Can blepharoplasty and temporal lift operations have combined?

    Yes, it is possible to perform these operations in a combined way.

  • Will there be any scars after the eyelid blepharoplasty?

    A small scar remains after every surgical procedure. However, the incisions in the eyelid blepharoplasty operation are made from the folds of the eyelid. Thus, the scars are invisible.

  • Is there an age limitation for eyelid blepharoplasty surgery?

    Everyone over 18 years old can have the eyelid blepharoplasty surgery.

  • How long is the effect of eyelid blepharoplasty surgery?

    The effects of eyelid blepharoplasty surgery last for about 7-8 years.

  • Is upper-face lift operation permanent?

    Although permanence is in question about face lift operations, you should avoid the applications that may require the repetition of the face lift operations. Thus, it is possible to have a younger and beautiful appearance for a long time after the operation.

  • Is it possible to have pain after the face lift operation?

    It is possible to have pain and discomfort after the upper face lift operation. Thus, you should take analgesics under the control of your doctor.

  • How many cm tightening can be obtained in vaginoplasty?

    Although it varies among the patients, it is possible to have a tightening of 3-4 cm. You should care under the control of your doctor by knowing that the most ideal solution will be determined by the doctor.

  • Is vaginoplasty a permanent operation?

    One of the most asked issues about vaginoplasty is its permanence. Here, it is possible to mention a permanent solution provided that no traumatic birth occurs again. Thus, the effects of vaginoplasty are satisfactory.

  • Is every woman suitable for vaginoplasty?

    As the final decision for vaginoplasty will be given by your doctor, a pre-assessment is compulsory to decide whether you are suitable for this operation or not.

  • Are the effects of tummy tuck permanent?

    When pregnancy and other triggering factors are excluded, it is not possible to have sagging in the relevant area again. However, the presence of the factors that will cause your abdomen sag will eliminate the effects of the tummy tuck operation.

  • Will there be any scars after tummy tuck operation?

    Special sutures are used during the tummy tuck operation, thus scar formation is prevented.The purpose is to support you to have a more beautiful and attracting appearance.

  • Who can benefit from this operation?

    The only person who can give the final decision about the application of abdominoplasty, i.e. tummy tuck operation, is your specialist doctor. Thus, it will be possible to reveal the most ideal results via the examinations to be done before the operation. You may want to achieve a more qualified appearance with the tummy tuck operation. However, it is quite valuable to make the correct planning under the control of your doctor in order to have this operation successfully. You can contact your doctor and closely review the options that are waiting for you. You can immediately contact us for a perfect process in tummy tuck, i.e. abdominoplasty.


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