Besides eyes are quite important organs for humans, they are also the factors providing beauty via almond eye aesthetics. You can also apply for this procedure that provides more beautiful and symmetric eyes. After a meticulous process conducted with your doctor, you will be satisfied with the appearance that you desire.

While eye aesthetics draw attention in recent years, almond eye, in other words, cat eye, aesthetics is one of the most preferred aesthetic procedures. If you want to have a perfect solution in this regard, you can consult to Çağatay Falcıoğlu for a qualified solution. After this aesthetic operation that especially gives results with your expectations, you will also be able to see the change in your eyes.

What is Almond Eye Aesthetics?

We can highlight that the aim of this procedure, known as cat eye aesthetics in the literature, is to beautify the eyes according to the face. As in cats, the purpose is to provide you more beauty with your eyes which are located on your face with golden ratio by providing a perfect appearance.

Instead of a single application, more than one method are preferred in cat eye aesthetics. This varies according to the status of the patient and the preferences of your doctor. You can assess the most suitable options by considering the below-mentioned methods.

Cat Eye Aesthetics and Thread Lift Method

In this application, known as thread lift, threads called as polydioxanone threads, are used. It should be noted that said threads are quite valuable options for lifting and rejuvenation procedures. In this method that provides the most ideal solution within the scope of the expertise of the doctor and the opportunities, threads used absorb in the body in time.

Most important situations are that this is a non-surgical application in which local anesthesia is used. Desired amount of lifting is provided by threads and a perfect result can be achieved. Within this scope, it is possible to have a young and dynamic appearance. If you want to have your eyes to get the shape of an almond eye, you can reach the ideal beauty by preferring this method.

Cat Eye Aesthetics and Surgery

It is also possible to apply the cat eye aesthetics via surgery.



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