Botox, known as botulinum toxin, is one of the most preferred procedures in cosmetics. With aging, wrinkles are formed on our skin and especially, our mimicking areas. It is possible to correct the fine wrinkles at specific sites with botox. You can have botox done by Op. Dr. Çağatay Falcıoğlu in Ankara.

Botox Mechanism

Botulinum toxin is a product of the bacteria called c.difficile. This toxin prevents muscular contraction. In fact, the aim in botox is to stop the functioning of the muscles. Not to directly lift the skin.

This is exactly what we try to explain to some of our patients. If the muscular contraction has stopped, although there is a slight wrinkle on the skin, we don’t have anything to do more. The reason is that the wrinkle that leaves a mark on the skin will open in time.

Facial Botox

The purpose in facial botox is to open the wrinkles as much as possible in natural lines.

In general, botox is done for crow’s foot, glabellum, and forehead.

Scowling and raising eyebrows are somewhat stopped.

A natural rejuvenation is provided.

Masseter Botox

This botox is applied to the patients having teeth grinding problems. However, as it was found that masseter botox provides thinning in the chin area, it has started to be done to provide thinning in terms of cosmetics.

Migraine Botox

It is observed that muscular contraction is prevented, and migraine attacks and frequencies are reduced in the patients with migraine pain.

In migraine botox, in addition to classical facial botox, it is also applied to the points where pain starts in the skull.

There are also other types of botox. These are the most frequently used types of botox.



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