Eyebrow lift is one of the most important aesthetic interventions that is preferred to remove sagging occurred via the effect of aging in the body. Loosening skin due to aging causes sagging in important areas of human body such as eyebrows. Although it causes a quite bad appearance in terms of visuality, it is also obvious that correct intervention is required for the sagging of eyebrows which also poses an obstacle for a healthy life.

Dr. Çağatay Falcıoğlu gives particular importance to quality and provides service by developing appropriate solutions for the demands of his esteemed patients. He removes the tired, anxious, or angry appearance caused by eyebrow sagging and provides you to look at your life with a more smiling face.

How is Eyebrow Lift Procedure Applied?

If you want to have your eyebrows, one of the most important areas affecting your general facial look, to look upright and healthy, you are at the right address. According to the developing technological opportunities and the varying patient demands, specific solutions are obtained via 5 different eyebrow lift applications. Here are the several eyebrow lifting techniques.

Botox Method

After pre-projections are conducted by our aesthetic surgeons, non-surgical options are provided for eyebrow correction procedures via botox. This procedure is completed in 10 minutes on average and a permanence of 6 months is achieved. The major advantage of botox application, which should be applied twice a year, is that it does not cause any scars.

Ultratherapy Method

The skin is lifted by this method, which is known as Ultratherapy HIFU method. This procedure is completed in 10 minutes on average and a permanence of 3 months is achieved. It does not have any permanent effects as it is only performed by lifting the skin. Similar to botox, its major advantage is not causing any scars.

Endoscopic Method

This procedure, applied by using 2-3 small holes opened on the scalp and 1 camera, provides to have your eyebrows lifted without causing bleeding and scars. Endoscopic method is mostly preferred for the patients who quickly recover as no swelling occurs. Long term of permanence is one of its major advantages.

Classical Method

Classical eyebrow lifting, also known as temporal lift, may cause alopecia at the suturing points due to the sutures applied on the scalp.

Eyebrow Lift Method

This option is applied via local anesthesia and provides to fixate the eyebrow at the desired location by using a suture. Its effect continues for 6 months-2 years, thus it should be applied again. Despite it is one of the most preferred methods, our aesthetic specialists should decide whether it can be applied.

Points to Consider After Eyebrow Lift

There are some points to be considered after eyebrow lifting. The said points are as follows:

  • Your eyebrows have their final appearance within a short period of time after the eyebrow lift operation. You can return to your social life 1 week after the eyebrow lift operation. You need to protect your eyebrows against impacts within this period.
  • You can start to put on make-up 2 weeks after the eyebrow lift operation. Avoid make-up till this time.
  • You need to avoid heavy exercises after the eyebrow lift procedure. Do not make compelling actions.
  • Pay attention not to take heavy hits after the operation.
  • After the eyebrow lift operation, some situations such as temporary loss of sense, infection, and bleeding, may occur at the relevant area.



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